PCFS intervention on the Global Dialogue on the Role of Food and Agriculture in the Global Biodiversity Framework

“Indigenous knowledge systems are distilled from generations of observation and practice. While practices differ, they are anchored on the same principle across the world — the interconnectedness of the people and their environment. They conserve the environment while fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the community.

But recognizing IP knowledge must equally acknowledge critical facts: how can indigenous communities continue to be guardians of biodiversity when we are subjected to murder, persecution, discrimination and landlessness?”

In this video intervention, which was cut-off by FAO from the program, Alex Barrios of PCFS member Instituto Politécnico Tomas Katari (IPTK) discuss how indigenous peoples’ production systems conserve biodiversity.

More importantly, it raises the alarm on the ongoing threats to the role of IP as guardians to biodiversity: landlessness, IP killings, landgrabbing of plantations, pesticide pollution among others. Alex also notes the disappointment of PCFS and its members in the recent alliance of FAO with CropLife, a known pesticide lobby.

At the end, Alex invites everyone to join the Global Peoples Summit on Food Systems on September, as a counterweight to the corporate-led UN Food Systems Summit.

Fight for just, equitable, healthy and sustainable food systems now!

Stop killing farmers and indigenous peoples!

End FAO-CropLife #ToxicAlliance!

#Hungry4Change #foodsovereignty

Read more on his full presentation.

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