The Coalition

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty is a growing network of various grassroots groups of small food producers particularly of peasant-farmer organizations and their support NGOs, working towards a People’s Convention on Food Sovereignty.

It was established first as an Asian component of the global agri-trade network on People’s Food Sovereignty in 2001 then eventually resulted in the collaboration of those involved in the People’s Caravan 2004 process and those who participated in the Asia Pacific People’s Convention on Food Sovereignty in Dhaka, Bangladesh in November 2004.

Through these significant events, the process of developing the demands of peasants, fisherfolk and other sectors on the issues of peoples’ rights to food and the protection of small producers is now concretised through a draft Convention on Food Sovereignty.

During the People’s Convention in Dhaka, the name “People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty” was adopted due to the growing number of organisations beyond Asia who have been involved in the Food Sovereignty platform.

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty seeks to:

  1. Develop and promote the People’s Food Sovereignty as the alternative platform against neoliberal globalization on food and agriculture policies.
  2. Develop and popularize the proposals of the People’s Convention on Food Sovereignty as a way to and disseminate the concept of food sovereignty, as a guiding principle in food and agriculture, and as a unifying call for mass movements across the globe.
  3. Coordinate regional and global activities on Food Sovereignty including mobilization, research, and policy advocacy.
  4. Exchange information, skills and experiences in achieving Food Sovereignty in the local, national, and regional levels.
  5. Promote the acceptance of a globally binding International Convention on Food Sovereignty at the national and international level.