TeleSur FB Page should be brought back! – PCFS

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS), an international coalition of grassroots organizations of farmers, indigenous peoples and small-scale food producers and their support NGOs, condemn Facebook for taking down TeleSur’s English Facebook Page.

TeleSur is a readable and enjoyable anti-imperialist and progressive global media. It is popular among activists and all people supportive of social justice in so-called social media. Its popularity continues to grow because it takes the side of the people, of the oppressed, against the global oligarchy and their allies and instrumentalities.

The farmers and peoples of the world need TeleSur and other media forms like it. The protracted global crisis, rising militarism and fascism, and worsening environmental crisis all make TeleSur and its brand of media even more indispensible.

What Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook did to TeleSur’s English Facebook Page is no less than censorship. It further shows that Zuckerberg is a monopoly capitalist and that Facebook is a monopoly capitalist firm that upholds the interests of imperialists, their allies and instrumentalities.

TeleSur’s English Facebook Page should be brought back. We are calling on all followers of TeleSur’s English Facebook Page to follow TeleSur News Aggregate ( while the original English Facebook Page is not yet restored. We are calling on all activists in social media and all advocates of the freedom of expression to call for the restoration of TeleSur’s English Facebook Page.

At the same time, we are calling on the farmers and peoples of the world to intensify efforts at building anti-imperialist and progressive media at the grassroots – media that are close to the daily lives of the oppressed, cannot be easily censored by the powers that be, and can freely critique the ruling system and advocate for a system that is just, egalitarian, free and caring of the environment. ###


(Featured image cropped from teleSUR English FB page)

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