Raise the Palestinian flag against the “Deal of the Century,” support the Palestinian people’s ongoing struggle for their right to return!

The Nakba (catastrophe) continues as the US and Israel intensify their attacks against the Palestinian people.

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) greatly condemns the recent bombings and land razings on Gaza. Airstrikes and bulldozers ravaged the lands, which, in addition to the already standing blockade of the coastal enclave, further detriment of the lives and livelihood of the Palestinian farmers and fisherfolks.

PCFS decries Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for waging the attacks last week, in an attempt to please and get the favor of the six local political parties to join his coalition government, since his reelection in April 2019. Worse, the Zionist colonizers are conniving with the administration of US President Donald Trump to broker a “peace” plan that will only capitulate the Palestinian resistance.

This so-called “Deal of the Century” pushed by US and Israel is nothing but a sham. The leaked stipulations of the deal clearly show that it will not grant the freedom and sovereignty the Palestinian peoples are seeking since the Nakba day – Israel’s occupation of their territory –  took place 71 years ago. PCFS slams the “Deal of the Century” and we join the Palestinian people in rejecting the bogus peace offered by US and Israel.

Despite the situation, the Palestinian people are determined to carry on with their struggle to reclaim their lands from Israel. Protests continue at the borders of West Bank and Gaza since the Great Return March was waged more than a year ago, in March 2018. Tens of thousands endured injuries, while almost 270 were martyred in sustaining the resistance.  Close to a thousand of the 5,700 documented Palestinian prisoners were arrested in the past two months alone. Yet these numbers have only emboldened us to continue with our struggle in asserting the Palestinian people’s right to return.

PCFS calls its members and networks to extend our solidarity to the Palestinian people by supporting their campaign to return to Palestine and urging our states to contest and denounce the “Deal of the Century.” Let us raise the Palestinian flag for genuine food and national sovereignty! ###

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