Rage against the Zionist occupation! Free Palestine! | Int’l Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people 2019

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) commemorates the Palestinian’s “day of rage”[i] today as we take part in the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

PCFS continues to support the Palestinian people’s movement and demand the recognition of their legitimate right to return to their land against the virulent occupation of the Zionist Israel. We express our utmost fury on the spate of Israeli air raids in the Gaza strip last November 12 to 14 that killed 42 Palestinians and injuring a hundred.[ii] Even journalists were targeted with the shooting of Moath Amarnih, who lost his eye after the attack.[iii]

The Coalition also strongly condemns the United States for promoting Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank through the reversal of its view on their legality under international law.[iv] This has emboldened Israel to further restrict the access of Palestinian farmers to their farmlands[v] among other human rights violations especially the right to food.[vi] US and Israel should both be held accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people. 

Free Palestine! 

End the Zionist occupation! 

Long live international solidarity!

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