IMA solidarity message to the PCFS 4th GA

We in the International Migrants Alliance extend our warmest solidarity to the leaders and members of the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) on your 4th General Assembly happening in Surat Thani, Thailand today, October 28.

Your theme, “Defend Our Victories! Assert People’s Rights to Land, Water and Food!” speaks volume of the continuing struggle that the people of today wage against imperialist control and monopoly over food systems and agriculture, state repression, militarism and war.

Many migrant workers today come from families of farmers, whose lands they till are either never their own or were taken away from them. Many of us were unable to finish school because we had to work either in the paddy fields or in the sea to help our parents make ends meets and put food into our mouths. The situation of impoverishment is so extreme that at an early age, many of us are forced to separate from our families and find work abroad.

The issue of forced migration is deeply connected to the issue of world hunger, imperialist control over economies and resources, and their aggression against people and our environment. Such a phenomenon does not only cause forced migration but aggravates it while depressing the conditions of migrants and their families even further.

There is indeed a need to further strengthen our resolve in defending our victories on food sovereignty and security while resisting the intensifying attacks by imperialists and their cohorts on agriculture, our food systems, and the people in general. Even the movement that advances the people’s right to food, the human rights defenders, the tillers, are under attack and we should remain vigilant in the face of rabid state violence.

The stories of the massacres in the Philippines, the attacks on indigenous peoples in Manipur, and the problems confronting peasants in Cambodia are very telling of how the state perceives the assertion and legitimate demands of a growing movement of peasants, indigenous peoples and other oppressed sectors in the world.

We in the IMA will be with you in every struggle that you make.

We forge solidarity with all the leaders and members of the PCFS and shall express our support for all your campaigns, actions and initiatives. We look forward to the success of your general assembly and await the campaigns that you will wage.

Uphold food sovereignty!
Stop killing farmers and food producers!
Genuine agrarian reform is a step towards people’s justice!
Long live international solidarity!

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