FOREGROUND: Movement Building Trainings

Since 2018, PCFS has focused on movement building as part of its program of action to strengthen the coalition in order to intensify the global struggle for people’s food sovereignty. The Movement Building Training is a collaborative effort of the PCFS and its members and networks in the target countries which was identified as a priority country where the building or strengthening of a people’s movement is urgently needed. The project aims to consolidate and increase the capacity of the participating organizations, especially towards strengthening their skills in community/grassroots organizing and in building a strong people’s organization or people’s movement.

September 2018, Cambodia | PCFS, IPMSDL, and APC with the community leaders of Ponlok Khmer.
November 2018, India | PCFS and PANAP with the community leaders of 
Andhra Pradesh Vyvasaya Vruthidarula Union (APPVU).
February 2019, Sri Lanka | PCFS with participants from Vikalpani National Women’s Federation, Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), National Fisherfolk Solidarity Organization (NAFSO), and Human Development Organization (HDO)
March 2019, Cambodia | PCFS, APC, and PANAP with Cambodia Youth Network (CYN) and the Solidarity House, an umbrella organization of different sectoral formations in the country.

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