Office Addresses: Africa , Latin America and Asia Pacific



Policy Research and Advocacy
The People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty is committed to promote a people's convention on food sovereignty as an alternative international governance mechanism that enshrines the people's rejection of corporate agriculture, neo-liberal globalization, landlordism, and all other backward structures and policies in food and agriculture. It develops and promotes the convention on food sovereignty as a binding instrument that enshrines the human rights in food and agriculture to the FAO especially in the WFS+10 process. It aggressively promotes people's national platforms on food sovereignty in countries to promote food sovereignty in people's action, national policy and legislation.
Coordinated researches on key agriculture issues such as TNC control in production, distribution and marketing, crisis in agriculture, etc are being undertaken to facilitate advocacy work in various countries.
Capacity Building
The People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty develops modules on food sovereignty and provides training for trainors for capacity building. It also organizes key conferences and workshops on various global events.
Resistance Building and Mobilisation
The People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty facilitates strategy meetings and national actions towards the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting and will hold parallel events during the Ministerial Conference.
It organizes national build-up activities towards the World Food Summit +10 and will hold parallel events at the World Food Summit.
It shall also initiate coordinated campaigns on key food and agriculture issues such as Bilateral Agreements and TNCs.


Campaign And Advocacies